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New Gutter And Downspouts

Do I need gutter?

YES! Everyone should have rain gutter to help protect his or her home. There are many benefits from having a complete gutter system.

Having a rain gutter system installed at your house or building can prevent many problems from occurring. Rain gutter helps keep your home and landscape visually appealing and in better condition. Other reasons to have a complete gutter system include:
• Not having water control around your home can lead to foundation damage due to unequal moisture content around your concrete piers or slab.
• Water falling off roofs and splattering on ground causes walls to stain and look unsightly.
• Water falling off roofs also contributes to walls, doors and windows rotting due to excess water.
• Rain gutter prevents soil erosion in your yard or flower beds

New gutter and Downspouts

Creative Gutter has been installing new gutters and downspouts for 31 years. We install new gutter systems daily for houses that either had no existing gutter or old gutter that needed to be replaced. We install a variety of styles including 5-inch O.G (or K style), 6-inch O.G (or K style), 5-inch straight face or 6-inch half round, all of which are made of seamless aluminum. Seamless means that the gutters will be individually customized in one continuous piece at the job site to fit your home or building. We also install half round paint grip, half round galvanized and copper gutters. Pictures of these styles can be seen on the products page of our website. The new gutter systems that we put on come with a five-year workmanship warrantee and the material has a lifetime warrantee.

At Creative Gutter we are fully insured and we stand by our work.

We install our gutter using the highest quality techniques including hand mitered corners, hidden hangers every two feet, colored rivets instead of screws, which leaves a clean smooth appearance. The linear gutter will be slopped toward the downspouts so that the system drains properly and does not have standing water. The hand-mitered corners have one seam down the middle instead of the extra corner piece that comes on strip-mitered corners. Having hidden hangers every two feet helps hold the gutter upright so that it doesn’t sag or become loose.

New hand-mitered corners: 

New strip-mitered corners: