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Gutter Repairs

Rusted Gutter

Gutter that has rusted cannot be repaired and should be replaced. Any quick fix will be temporary, that’s why we recommend always replacing gutter if it’s rusted. If you replace your gutter with seamless aluminum gutter, it will be a pre-painted color and since it is made of aluminum there will not be any more rust. It will also be custom fit and seamless.

Leaking Gutter

Gutter can leak for various reasons. The gutter system may be clogged and need a cleanout or it may have “leaky” seams or corners that can be sealed. Creative gutter Inc. cleans these seams and applies our lifetime, self-leveling sealant to protect your home.

leaking gutterleaking gutter2

Sagging or drooping Gutter

Sagging or unleveled gutter (gutters that don’t drain correctly) are sometimes repairable. Often your gutter is still in good shape, but doesn’t slope toward the downspout. In other cases your gutter is sagging or pulling loose from the fascia. In these situations we can install new internal brackets, relevel and secure your gutter so it drains properly.

drooping Gutter drooping-Gutter2

Dented Gutter

Rain gutter can become dented from hail damage, tree damage, or ladder damage. Depending on the degree of damage the gutter may still function properly after hail damage, but the visual appeal of the gutter is affected and home insurance companies will pay for the damaged gutter to be replaced.

Dented Gutter2 Dented Gutter

We can evaluate your gutter for hail damage.

damage ladder damage