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We provide great customer service as well as wonderful products and installations. We offer new gutter systems in many shapes and sizes. Most gutter systems come in a choice of 30 colors:

    • New Gutter Installation is what we do – From seamless gutters to box gutters to round gutters, we do it all! Most gutters come in a choice of 30 colors. No job is too small or too large.


    • Cleanout and Maintenance – We maintain a cleanout schedule for many customers. This service includes roof cleaning, leaf screen cleaning, cleaning and flushing of all gutters and downspouts. Cleanouts are very common and needed to correctly maintain your gutter, keep them working properly and ultimately extend its lifetime. It’s very affordable and always a good choice. Cleanout programs are offered on an annual, bi-annual, quarterly or one-time basis. This service is designed to keep your gutters working the way they should.


    • Gutter Leveling – In many cases your gutter is still in good shape, but doesn’t slope toward the downspout or is pulling loose. In these cases we remove the loose gutter and old bracket install new internal brackets and re-secure the gutter to the fascia board, so it slopes toward the downspout.


    • Leaf screen – We install Leaf Screen on one job or another every day. It’s very cost effective, looks good and greatly reduces the number of times you will need to clean out your gutter. Please see products to view many of our Leaf Screen options.


    • Seal “Leaky” Seams – Many seams drip long after rain is gone and can cause wood rot. Creative Gutter, Inc cleans these seams and applies our lifetime self-leveling sealant to protect your home.


    • Additional Downspouts – As houses or buildings age and shift, many times the roof lines aren’t straight. Instead of dropping gutter lower than normal, which would look unsightly, we simply add a down spout in that appropriate area, which allows your gutter to then drain correctly.


    • Extension – Many homeowners have the need to extend the downspout away from the house or specific areas. We adjust the spout bottom to correct the height and then extend the downspout to the designated spot. This generally keeps the water from ponding against the house or in flowerbeds.