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Installation Methods

Creative Gutter has a 5-year warranty on all workmanship and a lifetime warranty on all aluminum products. We assure you that our installation methods will give your new gutter the best possible appearance along with the longest life. We offer aluminum, copper, paint grip gutter in several sizes and shapes.
Corners : Hand Miter corner looks best! All corners are hand cut, so there is simply 1 seam at each corner. No corner pieces are used. Our corners join together the same as a picture frame corner with just 1 seam down the middle. They look great! All corner seams are then sealed with a self-leveling sealant from the inside; which can’t be seen from the ground. The sealant we use has a lifetime warranty.

Fastening : All seamless gutters are secured to the Fascia using hidden hangers. These are internal brackets that cannot be seen from the ground, giving your gutter a nice, clean appearance. Internal brackets are spaced 24 inches apart. Each hanger is then SCREWED tightly to the Fascia; so you know your gutter is secure. Additionally, tension strips are added to all gutter installations not on flat Fascia boards. These straps keep the front of the gutter from “Sagging”, which often looks unsightly.
Connections : All gutter and downspouts are fastened together using color keyed rivets. Rivets leave your gutter with a nice smooth appearance. Unlike screws, rivets flatten when installed and eliminate any restrictions in the water flow. Rivets are the best looking fastening device to keep your gutter system looking and working great.